Company History

The Sack Company Family Business1945: H.A. Sack Co., Inc. was founded in 1945 by Harry Allen Sack Sr. and served the Southeastern Georgia area. They provided installations of mechanical and electrical systems in homes and small businesses and also provided on call service for emergencies. Over the next ten years the company grew to a five man shop.


1956: Following the death of Mr. Sack in 1956, the company was then purchased by his brother-in-law, Albert Roesel, and Albert’s partner Gene Dawson. As the community and the trade area grew, so did H.A. Sack Company. In time, the company began to take on larger commercial, educational, military and industrial jobs and ended its residential sales division. The company continued to grow and develop over the years focusing on quality and service.


1973: In 1973, Albert Roesel bought out his partners and became the sole owner of the business. As the leader of the business, Mr. Roesel was able to expand into complementary business. Industrial Maintenance, Millwright/Rigging and Programmable Logic Control services were added. At this point, H.A. Sack Company employed around 100 employees.


1979: Paul Roesel, one of Albert’s sons, joined the company after graduating from Georgia Southern College.


1983: Philip Roesel, another one of Albert’s sons, joined the company after also graduating from Georgia Southern College.


1995: In 1995, Sack Company Maintenance, Inc. (SCM, Inc.), was created as a separate entity to serve the manufacturing and process markets by providing HVAC, Electrical, plumbing, piping, process controls, and turnkey millwright and rigging services for facility renovations, expansions, and maintenance support.


1999: Paul and Philip Roesel moved H.A. Sack Company to the Gateway Industrial Park in Statesboro, Ga. where it is still located today.


2006: In time, Mr. Roesel decided to retire and transferred complete control and then ownership of the business to two of his sons and longtime employees, Paul and Philip. H.A. Sack Company continued to develop into a full service design-build and hard bid company employing over 400 personnel. The team includes superintendents, project managers, electricians, plumbers, welders, HVAC mechanics, control technicians and millwright personnel.


2015: H.A. Sack Company and SCM, Inc. merge together all divisions and departments of the company and will begin operating with a new logo under one name, The Sack Company. Both facets of the company are important, are on the same team, and operate as one.