Sack Achieves Record Low Safety Rating

by Madison Roesel | Community
On September 1st, 2020 Sack received a new Experience Mod Factor (EMR) of 0.64. This dropped from .74 in 2019. An EMR is essentially a company’s safety score in reference to their workers’ compensation insurance coverage. Fewer injuries means lower mods and more injuries means higher mods. 1.0 is the average mod rating and means “better than most”. For many years we have kept our rating better than average but 0.64 is according to our insurance company “the number to beat”. It may just look like a number to some people but to us it is the culmination of hard work and safety practices put into place that we follow relentlessly. At Sack we want every person to go home from work to their families just as they arrived. Accidents in construction can be life threatening so it is of the utmost importance that we keep safety for all at top of mind at all of the time. Thank you to our team who made this possible and our safety director, Paul Tankersley. Sack has always been and will continue to be serious about safety!

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