by Madison Roesel | Community
On March 31st, five Sack Company superintendents were awarded the Ron Amerson Safety award from the Association of General Contractors (AGC). The Ron Amerson Supervisors’ Safety Awards program is designed to recognize members’ supervisors for outstanding contributions to safety on their job sites. The measurement criterion is based on safety incidence rates for individual supervisors in conjunction with actual man-hours directly supervised by each employee. AGC held an event at The Savannah Golf Club to honor the supervisors awarded. Those awarded from The Sack Company were: David Connor, Adam Phillips, Willie Gassett, Jeffrey Carroll & Roland Meadows. The Sack Company is proud to be serious about safety. (Pictured left to right: Cherri Watson, Safety Director of AGC; Paul Tankersley, Safety Director at The Sack Company; David Connor, Superintendent at The Sack Company; and Paul Roesel, President of The Sack Company)

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