by Madison Roesel | Commercial
We all know the day-to-day struggle of living in the South during the winter. One day you’re rummaging through your attic looking for your ski jacket from 1999 and the next day you’re pulling out your flip-flops. The weather in the south is completely unpredictable. Fluctuations in the outdoor temperature can greatly impact your energy bill, requiring you to turn your heat up or down to maintain a comfortable temperature inside. While you cannot manage what the weather is going to be like outside, there are a few things you can do to maintain comfort levels while keeping energy costs low. KEEP THE WARM AIR IN AND THE COLD AIR OUT You can ensure that warm air is trapped inside and that cold air is staying outside by doing several different things. You first want to ensure that the building is adequately insulated. The main areas to check attics and basements. Air can also escape through doors and windows that are not sealed properly. If you can feel cool air coming through these areas, you should seal them with caulk or another material. Another problem area many people forget are fireplaces. You should install a door to keep the cold air flowing in from outside. GIVE YOUR HEATING SYSTEM A CHECK-UP You should clean or replace your furnaces air filter every four to six weeks. Air passes through a clean filter more easily than a dirty filter, requiring your furnace to do less work to push warm air into your house. You should also have a professional check your HVAC system. A certified technician can ensure your furnace or boiler is clean, its control and components are in good shape, and it’s ready to keep your warm throughout the cold winter months. Preventative maintenance is necessary to maintain optimal performance of your HVAC system. A Sack Company trained technician will clear up any emerging issues and make calibration adjustments to maximize energy efficiency. With your furnace optimized, proper installation intact, and leaks sealed, you can more reliably manage the temperature inside and keep your energy costs low. The Sack Company has the ability and a proven record to install, repair or maintain equipment on any size building. Call us today to create a comfortable environment for yourself and your customers. (912)871-HEAT

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