by Madison Roesel | Industrial
The Sack Company was named the Family Business of the Year at the 26th annual Georgia Family Business of the Year Honoration. The event was hosted in late February by the Cox Family Enterprise Center at Kennesaw State University and is supported by the Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger. The category for which the Sack Company was recognized – Sustainability – focuses on “generous and equitable treatment of employees, scrupulously fair dealings with customers, a focus on occupational health and security, charitable contributions to the community, and/or other examples of positive impact on the community, minimizing the ecological footprint, producing excellent products, and pursuing fair long term returns for all stakeholders.” Representatives of the Sack Company were invited to the event after being named one of the top three finalists. Other finalists were C12 Aviation and Jones Petroleum Company. “We knew going in that we were in the top three but never expected the ultimate honoration,” said Madison Roesel, VP of sales for Sack. “This was the perfect way to start our 75th year in business as well as to celebrate the successes of our company. We’d never be here without the many families that make up our company, our supporters, our clients and our communities. Here’s to 75 more years!” The Sack Company is a commercial and industrial construction company with more than 300 employees. The family enterprise, now operating with both its second and third generation members, “believes that you do not have to share the family name to be considered a part of them- by working at Sack Company, you are a part of the family,” Roesel said.

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