by Madison Roesel | Community
Fred Hill, Human Resources Manager at SACK, has been making high school visits to CTAE (Career, Technical & Agricultural Education) classes to raise awareness about the construction and other career pathways available to students upon graduation. Kelly Almond, Construction Technology Instructor at South Paulding High School said, I had the distinct opportunity to have Mr. Fred Hill speak at South Paulding High School. For a full 7 periods every CTAE teacher brought every class in to hear Fred’s message. He knocked it out of the park all day long. Hill’s message to the students concerned the importance of being prepared to operate in a working environment. He also addressed the graduating students about the concerns employers are having today over soft skills and work ethic needed in order to succeed in today’s workforce. Matthew White, Construction Instructor at Statesboro High School, said “Mr. Hill spoke to both of the Level 2 classes (Introduction to Construction) about all of the relevant information pertaining to the employability skills required to obtain and sustain work in the construction industry. As always the students relate well to Mr. Hill and I am especially grateful for his time and for SACK allowing him to play such a vital support role in the program.” Hill also educated the students on the Registered Apprenticeship Program that SACK offers through the State of Georgia. Through this program, students can work full-time for SACK, while taking online courses in either Electrical, Plumbing, or HVAC studies. SACK will fully pay for the 4-year program as well as provide mentorship and in-person classes. In the past month, Hill has visited Statesboro High School, Evans High School, Columbia High School and South Paulding High School. SACK will continue to educate students on the opportunities within the construction industry in an effort to resolve the workforce issue the construction industry is currently facing. Bill Chambliss, Certified Building Official with the Associated General Contractors of Georgia said, “If our industry could clone Fred about 200 times we just might beat this workforce shortage issue. Thanks to him and to SACK for being a leader in this effort.”

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