BIM (Building Information Modeling) Capabilities

The Sack Company, through our dedicated Virtual Design and Construction Department, currently offers the ability to fully design, model, coordinate and fabricate any and all mechanical, electrical and plumbing installations using a wide variety of industry standard CAD software.


Design: The department draws from years of field experience coupled with input from field personnel, owners, general contractors, and other trades to develop the best possible solution for even the most complex systems.     


Model: Using industry leading Autodesk Software, we bring the design to life by creating highly detailed 3D models. We currently utilize the following software:


Autodesk Architecture, Engineering and Construction Collection                                              

Suite of over 20 CAD programs, most notably:

  • Revit
  • AutoCAD
  • Navisworks


Coordinate: Sharing model data with other BIM capable contractors helps to ensure a clash free design. Coordination meetings held via online video conferencing software allows for easy collaboration regardless of distance and help to minimize in-field issues throughout the construction process. In-field model visualization aids the construction team in taking the model from the virtual space to reality.


Assemble Systems – Specialty software that allows for the sharing and visualization of complex models without the need for complex software. Models can be viewed and analyzed from any internet ready computer, tablet or smartphone.


Fabrication: In addition to conventional in-field installation, we strongly encourage the use of prefabrication whenever possible. Utilizing nearly 20,000 square feet of dedicated space, we build custom assemblies to deliver on-time installations, negating the delays caused by weather, other trades, etc.