We program, repair and design Automation controls for two industries: commercial and industrial. On the commercial side we install Access controls, lighting controls, and HVAC controls. On the industrial side we program and install logic that controls process and machine control.


We install, repair, optimize and program the following control systems:

Distech (Factory Certified Integrators/Programmers)


Distech Controls delivers an innovative building automation and energy management system that is core to your building’s comfort, environmental quality and sustainability requirements. Distech controls offer a variety of solutions for a building including access controls, surveillance (networked and standalone), building automation, HVAC controls, security, and temperature monitoring with web access.


Sack Company holds owns the territory for Distech from Statesboro to Brunswick to Charleston.  We offer control systems integrations and automation for industrial and commercial buildings in the Lowcountry area.




EasyIO is an energy management system and is perfect for all types of buildings. The goal of EasyIO is to deliver Building Energy Management Systems that increase the wellbeing of humans: more comfort, more savings, better buildings.


EasyIO products are easy to install, simple to use and nicely designed.

The Sack Company is licensed to install EasyIO.


Niagara (Factory Certified Programmers and Integrators)


Systems Integration (Joining Different Vendors together into one interface)


Allen Bradley (Factory Certified Programmers)


Drive systems (Replace, Repair, and Program)

Machine control

Industrial controls optimization

Process Control