HVAC Service & Maintenance

The Sack Company provides the highest quality installation and maintenance of small business, commercial and industrial heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Sack serves all applications, including both air and water cooled, and specializes in critical cooling applications including server rooms, industrial process applications, customer comfort and medical office buildings.


We have an extensive fleet of GPS-guided service vehicles fully outfitted with modern, well-maintained equipment, capable of handling any service call or routine maintenance. Sack technicians are professional, efficient, and highly trained to service all makes of heating and air conditioning equipment and can assure all aspects of your heating and cooling system are optimized for maximum reliability, uptime, and efficiency.


Before an issue occurs, you can save money, keep your business comfortable, and enjoy peace of mind by maintaining your equipment with semi-annual visits. An HVAC system that has not been serviced for each season hot and cool season can significantly reduce its heating and cooling efficiency. Our preventative maintenance programs provide regular testing and maintenance of your building’s cooling and heating equipment, reducing the need for costly repairs or downtime. Each contract includes a dedicated technician to maintain key elements of a unit, which allows problems to be addressed before becoming critical to your business operation.


Custom and flexible maintenance agreements are available upon request.