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SACK COMPANY TIPS FOR STAYING WARM AND SAVING MONEY THIS WINTER Nearly half of the energy in any building goes to heating and cooling. With winter weather quickly approaching, now is the time to be sure your heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is optimized for top-performance and ready to keep you and your clients out of the cold. Provided below are a few changes you can make now that will make your work areas more comfortable and save you money. Change air filters regularly Checking and changing your filter, especially during heavy use months (winter and summer); can keep your system from working harder than it needs to and thus save energy. A dirty filter causes dirt and dust to build up in the system which will slow down air flow and lead to expensive maintenance and/or early system failure. At a minimum, you should change your filters every 6 weeks. Close vents and doors to rooms not used By closing vents to rooms you don’t regularly use (basements, closets, storage rooms) the heat can be redirected to heavy traffic areas. Doing so can easily cut 100-200 square feet off your energy footprint and bill. INSULATE, INSULATE, INSULATE Hot air will leave a building in any way that it can find. There are several ways to help keep the heat inside where it belongs. One way is by using caulk or silicone to fill any cracks in doors and windows. You can also use weather strips around doors and windows to tighten the seals. For an extra layer of protection, it is a good idea to keep curtains closed when the sun is not shining in through the windows. Reverse the ceiling fan Since warm air rises, a reversed ceiling fan can push the warm air down so that it stays at a low enough level for you and your customers to feel it. Most ceiling fans have a small switch on them which will reverse the direction of the air flow. This is especially important in a room with high or vaulted ceilings. Clear Blockages Even a great furnace can’t efficiently heat a space if the ducts that distribute hot air are dirty or blocked. Make sure you remove any objects that may be blocking the system to allow the heat to flow freely and also prevent any fire hazards. Professional Maintenance If you still aren’t satisfied with the amount of energy you are using in the winter, you’ll need a maintenance check from a trained service professional. Preventative maintenance is necessary to maintain optimal performance and longevity of your HVAC system. A Sack Company trained technician will clear up any emerging issues and make calibration adjustments to maximize energy efficiency. We can also seal the interior of your existing ductwork to close any leaks you have that are causing your power bill to rise unnecessarily. Inadequate service can result in expensive repairs and replacements and higher than necessary energy bills. The Sack Company has the ability and a proven record to install, repair or maintain equipment on any size building. Call us today to create a comfortable environment for yourself and your customers. (912)871-HEAT

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