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Georgia and South Carolina

We began working for this client when they first located their facility in an existing 275,000 square foot building in Georgia. Initially we installed all of the mechanical and electrical services to support their operation and then installed all of their manufacturing equipment; this work occurred over a 10 month period. We then worked for them installing machinery and assisting with plant modifications and plant maintenance for the duration of their operation in this facility. The total cost of this work was in excess of $4,000,000.00. Years later the company made the decision to relocate their Georgia operation into two different facilities in South Carolina. We performed the move for them over a period of 8 months which allowed them to maintain production for their customers while the move was taking place. This again was a turnkey installation with minimal downtime between disconnect and reconnect. We relocated and reinstalled over 300 machines among which were punch presses, hammer mills, milling machines, sanders, heat treat department, paint line, assembly tables and machines and waste water treatment systems.

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