Commercially we would prefer to stay in the southeast, but depending on the project and customer, we will travel outside these boundaries. Industrially speaking…we will travel throughout the U.S., but once again depending on the project type and customer.

Safety is absolutely a CORE VALUE. We truly value all our employees and attempt to do all we can to foster a caring attitude across all facets of our company. For more information, please visit our safety page.

We currently will take on projects starting at approximately $50,000.00 and all the way up to $15,000,000.00.

Please email us here: Contact: Bidinvite@hasack.com


The Sack Company has been providing quality construction services for 70 years. We have a very rich and solid history beginning in 1945 to present 2015. Our plan moving forward is to continue building on our current experience and build trust through integrity and continuous improvement strategies.


We’re always on the lookout for talented people. For a list of current jobs, please check here. If you don’t see anything that matches your qualifications, you can still submit your name and info here.