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BIM Capabilities

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

The Sack Company employs a dedicated Virtual Design and Construction Department. We offer the ability to fully design, model, coordinate and fabricate any and all mechanical, electrical and plumbing installations. This department operates using a wide variety of industry standard CAD/BIM software.

When looking into building design, BIM is the most effective and thorough means of preparing for new construction.

What Is Building Information Modeling?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a process that enables contractors, architects, and engineers to design a project and work out any unforeseen complications. By rendering a 3D CAD model of a building, including detailed information about utilities, engineering, safety, operations, and maintenance. 

More Than Just 3D Modeling

BIM has evolved far beyond its origins two decades ago. BIM gives us the ability to form a complete digital model of a construction project. This model includes electrical, plumbing, cables and wires, as well as framing, fixtures, outlets, and more. The team is then able to collaborate to work through details from design elements to structural factors. 

How BIM Works


Architects and Engineers begin by creating a 3 dimensional model of the project. This model includes details and information regarding various wiring, piping, mechanical, and utility projects. This model updates in real time, adjusting to changes and adapting plans with each change.

Workflow Planning:

Collaboration begins between everyone involved. In this stage, estimates concerning cost and time are projected at this point, but are adaptable throughout the process.


Contractors and workers begin construction, referring to the model for direction and information. Throughout this process, they will update the model with updates, completions, and changes.


Upon completion of construction, the model is given to the client for reference to simplify operations and repairs.

The Benefits of BIM

Detecting Problems Early:

BIM is especially useful for clash detection. By observing potential design conflicts early in the process, the team is able to identify the need for changes before construction begins. These changes, when discovered during construction, would be more costly.

Improved Scheduling:

Having the full picture of the project elements allows for more efficient and sequential scheduling. This eliminates the frustration and added cost that can arise with scheduling conflicts.

Automation in Construction:

Software is able to identify any potential for automation in the construction process. This can save valuable time during construction projects.

Enhanced Construction Processes:

BIM offers the ability to generate workflow automatically based on the project requirements. Further, any changes made during construction can then be updated in the model, and automatically updates workflow.

Increased worker safety:

Increased access to specific information regarding each task improves workers’ awareness of potential associated risks.

Each of these benefits translates to significant improvement in cost, labor, and time for any construction project.

The Sack Company Can Help

When your company is ready to create a facility that meets all of your needs, contact us. Our team will work with you, from the beginning, to ensure that your project is completed safely and efficiently.


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Arc Flash Auditing | H.A. Sack Company

Arc Flash Auditing

Arc flash audits, also known as arc flash risk assessments, are a key player in workplace safety assurance in areas where potentially hazardous equipment is present.
BIM Capabilities | H.A. Sack Company
BIM Capabilities | Color | H.A. Sack Company

BIM Capabilities

The Sack Company, through our dedicated Virtual Design and Construction Department, currently offers the ability to fully design, model, coordinate and fabricate any and all mechanical, electrical and plumbing installations using a wide variety of industry standard CAD software.
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Building Automation and Controls | H.A. Sack Company

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Electrical Services | H.A. Sack Company


The Sack Company has been providing electrical installation services since 1945.
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Equipment Installation | H.A. Sack Company

Equipment Installation

When it comes to plant operations, precision machinery installation is critical to ensure that your factory is running seamlessly.

Fire Sprinkler

From precision engineering and fabrication to seamless installation, we deliver top-notch fire sprinkler services that adhere to industry standards.
HVAC Services | H.A. Sack Company
HVAC Services | H.A. Sack Company

HVAC Services

One of our goals at Sack is to provide one source for all of your industrial and commercial construction needs.
Mechanical Services | H.A. Sack Company
Mechanical Services | Color | H.A. Sack Company


The Sack Company has performed many HVAC installations for industrial, commercial, institutional, military, education and healthcare clients.
Millwright and Rigging Services | H.A. Sack Company
Millwright and Rigging | H.A. Sack Company

Millwrights and Rigging

The Sack Company is an industry leader in millwright and rigging. Our movers, riggers and millwrights can erect machinery, perform overhauls, install and modify equipment.
Piping Services | H.A. Sack Company
Piping | H.A. Sack Company


For decades, our clients have trusted us with fabrication and installation of their process piping systems.
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Plumbing | H.A. Sack Company


With one of the fastest growing plumbing departments in the region, we are proud to provide a full range of plumbing services.
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Relocation and Shutdown Services | H.A. Sack Company

Relocations and Shutdowns

Our experienced team can disassemble, crate, and package any piece of equipment or machinery.
Turnkey Industrial Services | H.A. Sack Company
Turnkey Industrial Services | H.A. Sack Company

Turnkey Industrial Services

As the term implies, our turnkey service begins at the conceptual stage of your construction project and continues all the way through beginning operations.