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Turnkey Industrial Services


As the term implies, our turnkey service begins at the conceptual stage of your construction project and continues all the way through beginning operations. Because we are a single-source contractor, with BIM capabilities, we are able to help you design the perfect space for your plant or factory.

From Conception to Construction

Being a single-source contractor with in-house BIM capabilities, we can select the site, design the layout, install the necessary infrastructure, and precision align the equipment for your plant or factory.

Serving as your single-source contractor, the Sack Company ensures project management is simplified and savings are realized rather than working through a general contractor to coordinate with subcontractors.

Plant Commissioning And Start Up

We understand the time and attention to detail required for a successful commissioning and start up. That is why all of our industrial team is cross trained to be able to perform multiple functions (pipefitting, welding, rigging, operating equipment). Using a turnkey service such as Sack Company, it leads to a more controlled, coordinated, and cost effective project. It also leads to a smoother transition. 

From Commissioning to Completion

We can provide the mechanical and electrical services. During machinery installation, plant relocations or shutdowns. These services begin during the construction of a new facility and continue throughout the lifetime of the operation.

Once the project is complete, we are able to offer maintenance, repair, relocation services, and more. This is the benefit of working with a company like H.A. Sack. We offer a service that is designed to build and keep your operation running with precision for generations.

Turnkey Construction

Our turnkey solutions prove advantageous to those we serve as a result of being a single source contractor. We offer the ability to provide our clients with a fully complete and ready to run factory. Your equipment is installed fully and complete by our expert millwrights and riggers. Each turnkey project is a source of pride for H.A. Sack and the company we are serving.

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We encourage you to explore the many services we offer. Discover why there is only one choice for your turn key project. From Piping to Arc Testing and from Plumbing to HVAC, H.A. Sack is able to handle every aspect of your build and turn it over to you ready to operate as a thriving business.


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Turnkey Industrial Services | H.A. Sack Company

Turnkey Industrial Services

As the term implies, our turnkey service begins at the conceptual stage of your construction project and continues all the way through beginning operations.
Relocation & Shutdown Services | H.A. Sack Company

Relocations and Shutdowns

Our experienced team can disassemble, crate, and package any piece of equipment or machinery.
Plumbing Services | H.A. Sack Company


With one of the fastest growing plumbing departments in the region, we are proud to provide a full range of plumbing services.
Piping Services | H.A. Sack Company


For decades, our clients have trusted us with fabrication and installation of their process piping systems.
Millwright and Rigging Services | H.A. Sack Company

Millwrights and Rigging

The Sack Company is an industry leader in millwright and rigging. Our movers, riggers and millwrights can erect machinery, perform overhauls, install and modify equipment.
Mechanical Services | H.A. Sack Company


The Sack Company has performed many HVAC installations for industrial, commercial, institutional, military, education and healthcare clients.
HVAC Services | H.A. Sack Company

HVAC Services

One of our goals at Sack is to provide one source for all of your industrial and commercial construction needs.
Equipment Installation Services | H.A. Sack Company

Equipment Installation

When it comes to plant operations, precision machinery installation is critical to ensure that your factory is running seamlessly.
Electrical Services | H.A. Sack Company


The Sack Company has been providing electrical installation services since 1945.
Building Automation & Control Services | H.A. Sack Company

Building Automations and Controls

The Sack Company represents over 90 years of combined industrial machine control and automation experience. We specialize in upgrading and optimizing existing PLC…
BIM Capabilities | H.A. Sack Company
BIM Capabilities | H.A. Sack Company

BIM Capabilities

The Sack Company, through our dedicated Virtual Design and Construction Department, currently offers the ability to fully design, model, coordinate and fabricate any and all mechanical, electrical and plumbing installations using a wide variety of industry standard CAD software.
Arc Flash Auditing | H.A. Sack Company

Arc Flash Auditing

Arc flash audits, also known as arc flash risk assessments, are a key player in workplace safety assurance in areas where potentially hazardous equipment is present.