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Since locating its operation in Georgia we have performed numerous services and turnkey installations (including providing all required electrical, controls, high pressure air piping, cooling tower, chill water supply and return, domestic water piping as well as final mechanical and final electrical connections) of their production equipment. Among the equipment installed were two 80,000 pound autoclaves along with the associated vacuum pump and piping, condensate system and hydraulic lift gates which we followed with the installation of a deck and handrails over the pit beneath and surrounding the claves. We have also installed a Lisec line, an insulated glass line, a tempering line, a coater line, roof top exhaust fans (which had to be placed with a helicopter) along with the installation of the associated overhead cranes (and structural steel) needed to facilitate the operation of these systems. We also designed and constructed a 100'x100' tempering Room (including make-up and exhaust systems and lights) to contain the tempering line. We have ongoing contracts with this customer.

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