5 Tips for a Successful Plant Relocation


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When it comes time for an industrial plant relocation, there are many things to keep in mind when aiming to make it as successful as possible while ensuring that the factory and workforce return to their former production level quickly and efficiently. A large-scale relocation project involves many moving parts where a hasty approach can result in a considerable loss of money and setback in returning to regular service.

Develop a Plan and Timeline

Before even starting a move, it is essential that a project manager draws out a timeline and makes a cohesive plan. A clear plan prevents miscommunication over what parts of the plant need to be disassembled and disconnected at what times. A plan is doubly important if the factory intends to continue production during a move.

Audit the Factory’s Equipment

Assessing the quality of the plant’s machines before transit can save money and time. By determining the condition of the industrial equipment one may discover that a machine is not as good a condition as previously believed, and that replacing it would be more cost-effective than transporting heavy equipment to the new location.

Create a Layout Map

It is key to a successful plant relocation to consider the new factory’s layout and plan accordingly. Layout drawings can be integral in determining how a project manager may want to arrange the equipment to best fit the new space. Using a company’s former building’s layout drawings (if the company still possesses them) can work as a comparison to assist in developing these maps. A project manager will want to consider the layout’s efficiency to avoid long, unnecessary treks that could delay workflow. Regardless of whether plant drawings are available or not, Sack will always start a project by sending a qualified team to the current and future site of a project to actually lay eyes on the equipment and facilities.

Account for a Slow in Production

The relocation project will naturally decrease production before and after completion, as the workforce is diverted to factory relocation. Downtime is inevitable, no matter how efficiently the plan works, and adjusting a company’s supply chain to fit within the new framework is essential. Tips that might help include moving equipment in phases to avoid total shutdown, clearly communicating with employees about their work instructions, relocating employees out of areas that are being moved, and communicating with any customers that there may be a delay.

Select a Trustworthy Industrial Relocation Service Company

The complicated nature of a full-scale relocation project means a company will want to choose an experienced industrial relocation contractor to handle the move. This company will not only assist in the equipment move but will serve as a trusted, professional partner in the relocation. A company may only have the experience of one or two industrial moves, but a relocation service provider will be able to offer years of experience.

Once a company has chosen the industrial moving service they plan to use, the industrial movers can assist the company in all steps of the process–from designing a layout map, to auditing equipment, to planning how to disassemble equipment in a way that does not halt production.

The Sack Co.

The Sack Co. should be your first pick when considering plant relocation anywhere in the United States. Our experienced team can assist in the disassembly, crating, and packaging of all equipment or machinery that needs to be moved. By relying on our in-house mechanical and electrical teams, we can complete relocations and installations completely turn-key.

We can assist in the relocation of both small-scale projects and entire plants. We also help with shutdowns, both for relocations and maintenance. Contact us today for your plant relocation needs.



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