How to Prepare for Machine Installation


The installation of new machinery in a factory is a process that should not be left until the very last moment. Often preparation should begin as early as months in advance if a business wants to ensure the machine installation happens as smoothly as possible. If the factory has not adequately prepared for the equipment installation, it may experience severe downtime that will slow production. A proper installation is therefore necessary.

To ensure the best outcome, consider these steps in preparation for a factory’s equipment installation.


Even before transportation begins, communication between the project manager, the business, and the employees must be strong. The project manager will have important information that a company must know before beginning installation. If any questions arise, then the project manager will be the one who can answer them.

A project manager will also be able to determine the safety procedures employees should follow to avoid accidents occurring during setup.

Determine Labor & System Requirements

After communicating with your project manager, you may discover that the supplier will require extra assistance in machine installation. Determine how much labor will be needed and appropriately allocate employees to assist.

As well as determining how many employees are needed, it’s equally important to ensure that your factory is set up to provide electricity and compressed air to keep the machine running correctly. While specifications may have already been discussed at the beginning of the process, it is essential to double-check to avoid discovering that a costly miscommunication has occurred.

Determine Needed Space

Make sure you know the exact space requirements and dimensions of the new machinery before it arrives at your factory. Clear out the path to the machine to avoid accidents while ensuring that your chosen area is reinforced to support the new device.

For safety measures, ensure that the machine’s location is equipped with adequate lighting fixtures for anyone working on the device. Improperly lit machinery can potentially cause injuries.

Confirm the Schedule

To avoid slowdowns on the production line, ensure that all personnel required to get the piece of equipment up and running are informed of the schedule. Delays caused by poor planning will result in a slowdown and potential loss in productivity. Determining exactly when the delivery will be made is the best way to ensure that no one is left floundering once it comes time to begin the installation.

When considering a schedule, consider such factors as the weather during delivery, where the entry point for the delivery will be, the equipment needed for delivery and installation, and where the equipment will be stored if delivery and installation do not occur on the same day.

Test, Test, Test

Once the equipment has been installed, it must be tested for any potential flaws. Using live products is not suggested during this phase. Test not only how it runs on its own but how it runs in the entire production line. Ensure that all personnel working with the machine, from technicians to employees on the production line, understand how to work the new equipment so that there are no issues with operation and maintenance.


Once the equipment has been installed, schedule a follow-up call to update the on machinery’s status and discuss any potential issues you see on the rise. Ask questions about what type of preventative maintenance measures should be taken and what guidelines should be followed to avoid problems. Keeping on top of things is the number one priority.

From Start to Finish, The Sack Co. Can Assist

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