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One of the benefits to us and our clients is that as a multi-trade contractor we are able to keep many tasks in-house. Last week our rigging team worked alongside the mechanical team to get a job done using software to create a lift plan, manage any risks and then bring the plan to life.

This project required multiple mechanical units in the penthouse and on the roof of the building. The mechanical team called on Sack’s rigging team to make it happen. Our CAD drawings created in house were imported into 3D Lift to develop realistic renderings of the lift plan. Because we can zoom in and out and swivel, we can look at the lift from virtually any vantage point. We are able to quickly identify any potential issues with the lift plan while spatially representing a lift to within inches of the real life scenario. This allows us to mitigate any risks and ensure that our plan is safe.

Once the plan was set the project began. The day of the lift started at sun up and ended at sun down. We used an 80 ton crane to “fly” up 5 AHUs (Air Handling Units) that came shipped in sections creating a total of 24 lifts including the humidifiers. We used a 160 ton crane to lift the LEF (Lab Exhaust Fans) equipment which included a coil section, a plenum section, 4 massive fans and 4 silos for a total of 10 lifts in the fan well section of the roof.

Each of our departments at The Sack Company can operate independently but often work together on projects of a team. With mechanical, electrical, plumbing and millwright/ rigging teams we are able to complete many projects turnkey. This eases the burden of projects on our clients or the general contractor because we are able communicate as a single unit by all coordination being done in-house.

While our mechanical, electrical and plumbing teams work primarily across the Southeast United States, the rigging team will travel much further for projects. When turnkey services are needed, the MEP group will follow. Our millwright and rigging division has completed projects ranging from 100,000 to 4 million dollars. They often are installing large equipment and machinery but have completely relocated plants from one location to another both nationally and internationally. If a client has millwright or rigging needs our team will come to them to formulate a plan and proposal.



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