Sack Anticipates A Great 2019


Sack Anticipates a Great 2019 | News | H.A. Sack Company

Happy New Year! 2018 was a great year for the many members of Sack. We at Sack work all over Southeast Georgia and up and down the coast line from Brunswick to Charleston and throughout South Carolina. We saw seemingly boundless opportunities to participate in projects in all of the areas we serve including new construction work and renovation projects of almost every type.

We helped build countless enormous distribution centers in our region of the state, we saw the construction of new industrial facilities and the expansion or improvement of existing industries as well as the addition of medical facilities, new schools, vehicle dealerships, new retail space of all types and transportation infrastructure improvements. Money for growth is being spent all around us. With that growth, business of all types were blessed with new job opportunities and with the need for hiring new talent. In fact, we opened an office in Lexington, SC to support our growing team in that area.

Now, the year 2019 is upon us and from what we are hearing and seeing from our clients, we will see more of the same growth this year! In surveys, 79% of construction firms are reporting that they expect to add employees in 2019. for almost anyone who wants a job or anyone who wants to learn a new profession, the opportunity is HERE and NOW! Job growth and pay gains in the construction industry are outpacing the overall economy and we are seeing new trends, including the use of new technology, in construction that will have significant impacts on how we carry out our work in 2019 and following years.

Just a few of these concepts being explored and utilized at Sack are augmented reality, Building Information Modeling and off-site construction, all which help achieve higher productivity and fewer project delays. We are excited because with the continued growth we will be able to provide job security, job opportunities, increased pay, better benefits and continued education to enhance the skills of our team. We are excited about our future at Sack and are confident that business and industry throughout our state have similar positive outlooks for their team members and their families.

Here is to our 74th year of business, 2019!



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