Who is The Sack Company?


Who is the SACK Company? Do they make sacks? What does SACK even stand for?
Many people have lived in Statesboro their whole lives and are familiar with the name, but have no idea what The SACK Company actually does. Having been open since 1945, their services have expanded throughout the decades and their operations have expanded across the United States. SACK focuses primarily on the southeastern United States but can call itself a global company as well.
First and foremost, The SACK Company is an MEP contractor. This means they do the mechanical, electrical and plumbing portions of projects. These projects are either commercial or industrial buildings including hospitals, schools, military facilities, plants and distribution centers, to name a few.
They also do millwright and rigging work, which simply means they can pick up really big things and move them. Essentially, they can take a factory apart, crate it, ship it, and put it back together somewhere else. This is where their global capacity comes in.
The SACK Company has moved machinery and plants to and/or from several countries including Mexico, Canada, Germany, India, and Austria. Once a project has been completed, they have a service team that can sustain the life of a facility. Whether it is a small business or a large plant, their service team is certified and capable to handle any size job.
Not only is what they do important, but why they do it is what drives them to success daily. With offices in Statesboro, Dublin and Savannah, SACK employs nearly 300 people. In doing so, they help to provide for that many families every day! That’s the most important reason why they do what they do.
The SACK employees are SACK’s most valued asset. SACK knows that without their dedicated employees they would not be the company they are today. All of these employees, however, serve a much higher purpose.
SACK doesn’t look at building a school as just another job, rather, they believe that they are creating a learning environment for the next generation.
When they build hospitals, they are helping to provide healing to community members, and maybe even their friends and family one day.
When they build plants or distribution facilities they know that they are creating thousands of jobs which will boost the local economies which they work in.
SACK knows that their work not only directly affects them but more importantly it positively effects the communities they serve. This is why they love what they do and put the upmost craftsmanship into every project.
So who is The SACK Company?
They are a leading contractor in the southeast started by Harry Allen Sack and has been owned and operated by the Roesel family for over 70 years.
SACK helps educate, they help in saving lives, the help in creating jobs. SACK cares about their employees and they care about the communities that they serve.



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