The Benefits of Hiring a Turnkey Contractor


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A turnkey contractor provides project delivery from conception to completion and continues onward into the commencement of operations. This method differs from traditional design-bid-build delivery which bears much of the responsibility on the project owner. When it comes to turnkey construction, there are many benefits by working with a single source partner and the appeal for project owners is obvious.

Cost Friendly

Time is money. Saving time by having a single contractor handle all steps of the process saves money. In many cases, a turnkey contractor will be more likely to offer a better deal than you would find hiring separate contractors.
A turnkey contractor provides you with the benefit of knowing the cost at the onset of a project. With other delivery systems, you may find that you are left in the dark about the cost until you’ve finished a project. By understanding the cost upfront, you eliminate the risk of a project going over budget.

Condensed Project Timelines

Keeping a project on schedule is critical for successful delivery. During the lifecycle of a project, there are times where a project may be delayed for any number of reasons such as miscommunication between teams, acquiring subcontractors, or even shipping delays. By selecting a turnkey contractor, many of these problems are minimized or even eliminated by having a single point of contact who can provide all services required. Miscommunication between teams is lessened when there is only one company involved, allowing the owner and contractor to work together as a cohesive unit.

Improved Communication

Communication is key for keeping a project on track. Trying to contact multiple different companies to ensure everyone is on the same page can be a daunting task. Even more daunting is ensuring all those companies communicate with each other in a timely manner without costly delays. If a particular project is prone to change, you could spend hours of precious time just trying to get everyone updated.
However, with a turnkey contractor, you can save yourself time and prevent any particularly costly communication errors by having a single point of contact.

Consistent Quality

Having multiple companies handle different aspects within a project means that often there will be a degree of variability within quality. Inevitably one part of the project is going to fall short compared to the others. When there is one company handling all parts of project management, you will find that there is a more consistent quality throughout all steps from design, construction, and installation. A single turnkey partner can set the desired standards and maintain the highest levels of quality throughout the project lifecycle.

Design & Manufacturing Cohesion

From design to manufacturing, one company is overseeing all details. This means changes can be done quickly and efficiently, without forcing you to contact two different parties so they’re both on the same track. With turnkey projects, the manufacturing teams are also often much more guaranteed to have experience with mid-project shifts and so they’re capable of adjusting to needs without any significant delays or complications. In a build-bid-buy system, you’ll often find problems in making sure both teams are on the same page, let alone that the manufacturing team can successfully adjust to the new plans.

Peace of Mind

Completing a project can be stressful when you’re the one in charge of managing every single detail. Being able to hand that responsibility over and know that you’ll be able to have the project you want saves you not only money but lightens the stress placed on you. All aspects of the project are handed off to a trusted turnkey company, and all you have to do is wait for your building to be finished. If there need to be changes or if you find problems with something, then there’s only one company to call and communicate with.

Sack Company Delivers

At Sack Company, our experts are ready to meet any construction needs that you and your family may have, especially in regard to turnkey contracting and its wide range of management. Learn more about how vast our turnkey industrial services are today!
We’ve been providing high-quality construction services since 1945, with a focus on commercial and industrial construction. We pride ourselves on having the in-house capabilities for almost every step of a construction project you’d need, with the work ethic to provide service in a professional and attentive manner.



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